31-4 Y. Kupala str.
Minsk, 220030,
According to MENSA international
association data we still remain
the "cleverest" country of the world

     Dear Sir/Madame.

     We are very pleased to introduce to you the new programme run on the WWW Belarus server. The programme is dedicated to the system of higher education in the Republic of Belarus which is considered to be the most efficient among the countries of the former USSR.

     On the pages of the "Educating The Nation" programme we are going to tell you how are the Belarusian young people tought, what are the leading universities of the republic how we mantain the intellectual potential of the country despite of the general confusion in the country and tremendorous lack of money in the Ministery's of Education and universities' budgets.

     So, here we give an overwiew of Belarusian Universities. Primary focus areas will be the educational process itself (curricula, qualifications received, power orbits of the universities etc.), scientific work held there, study books published and enrollment conditions. We also try to put as much atention as possible to distanced education opportunities. Still, the site will be constantly being developed, so try visiting it at least twice a month so you would not miss the latest updates.

     The programme is being run by students who get no money for their work and on their own initiative. We co-operate with the administrations of our universities, but they really can not cense the information we publish. On the other hand - we are always open to their opinions and are eager to hold a discussion on the "Educating The Nation" pages.

     We want to thank very much the WWW Belarus Internet Magasine team and Dr. Sergei L. Mursin personally for their kind help and assistance while starting and running the programme.

    ECN Team:
Dr. Sergei L. Mursin our patron, consultant and supervisor.
Sergei L. Vardomatski
(Belarusian State Economic University)
project coordinator and designer
Tatyana G. Kovalenko
(Belarusian State University)
university coordinator
Andrei ?. Martynenko
(Belarusian State Economic University)
university coordinator
Sergei A. Medvedski
Minsk State Linguistic University
university coordinator

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