Belarusian State University
BSU's faculty are teachers first who earned their degree at the nation's best graduate universities. There are 211 Doctors of Science and Professors and 900 Doctors of Science candidates and Associate Professors among them. Learning at BSU is a never-ending dialogue between teachers and students.






Large family of BSU includes more than 14,000 students and 200 international students from 30 countries of Africa, Asia, America and Europe among them.

Students have their own Advising Centre which inforces the state youth policy in education, upbrining and social service for students; it provides methodological support in youth policy to other units and to youth public organizationnns opeerating in BSU; works out draft budgets for various events, sport and amateur art groups, etc. using University and non-University sources of finance; supportsfurther education measures for University staff engaged in advisory and upbrining activities.

BSU has international contacts with different universities of Europe, America, Asia. The pursuit of education can lead you beyound the boundaries of BSU. BSU is a recognised major world University centre, a member of the Internationak Universities Assotiation, of European Conference of University Presidents. At present BSU has links with over 100 higher educational establlishments and research centres of the world.

The teaching and research staff of the University actively participates in a number of international projects like TEMPUS, INTAS, COPERNICUS, ASE. The University organizes international conferences, seminars and exhibitions.

Another key test of the value of the BSU education is that it can get you to unexpected levels of accomplishment. For many students this comes when they carry out a significant research or creative project, presenting the results to their peers in a formal setting.

Studing at BSU lasts for 5 years and can be full-time or part-time (for some fields).


The Unversity has excellent, well-maintained facilities to support all its academic programms including the fundamental library, different kinds of laboratories, research stations, scientific-engineering centre, scientific-research institute for applied physics, scientific-research institute for physical and chemical problems, scientific-research institute for nucler problems, Republican institute of higher educational establishment, information, publishing and computer centre,etc.


For some students BSU actually becomes a real home: they live in the residence halls, eat in the University dining rooms ( or cook themselves), get a workout in the gyms and hit the books back in their suites. BSU provides 9 residence halls for coming students and a hospital. Some of the students prefer to rent rooms in Minsk and some students (citizens of Minsk) just go to the University to study and live home.

There is a Students' Union with 9,000 members in the University which is the largest social organization in BSU. The main goal of it is protecting social and economic rights of students, solving community problems on campus, organising sport and mass events.



Life at BSUis filled with activities that complement the rigors of course work and give students the chance to pursue their interests and talents. BSU is proud of its folk band "Nerush", academic students' choir, folk choir, dance group "Kryzhachok", orchestra of folk instruments, drama club, debate clubs,etc.

Sports and recreation have been an important part of student life. There are several gym-halls, a swimming-pool, and a stadium.

In 1996 BSU earned the status of the leading university in the national system of education.

By graduation you will receive a sound, comprehensive education and will be ready for the future. Whether for a career in journalism or law, chemistry or history - you will have the skills, background and confidence to make future your own.

If your university years are a success - if they do, indeed, make you free - the consequences spread out far wider than yourself. Our planet and different nations gain from citizens able to think for themselves and act on their principles, who can understand our complex and interdependent world.

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