Belarusian State Economic University

         Founded in 1930s as a faculty of Belorussian State University BSEU soon become the republic's greatest and the most important higher educational institution in the spheres of economics, management, marketing and related. Recent years of the so-called transformation showed the real value of the institution as it was almost the only one having enough experience in training the specialists in the fields mentioned above. Though even now, when almost every politechnic tells about educating economists the diploma of BSEU remains an almost non-questionable path to the chief positions of national business and governmental institutions and is highly valued throughout the CIS and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

      Every year    about 2000 students   graduate from its 8          faculties:


        Core competencies of the univercity are: Management, Finance, Accounting and Statistics, Foreign languages (we easily compete in the field with the studentas of Linguistic University) and everything, concerning International Business.

 The univercity is a bit weaker in the sphere of marketing that it should be mostly due to the shortage of qualified lecturers. Still, we see that it is fastly improvig the situation by the means of running international projects (such as Modern Marketing) prioritary investing into the marketing department and so on.

The academic year starts on Sept.1. Please look for the information about the enrollment opportunities on the behind the front door (distanced education available almost everywhere).

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