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From Dr. S.Pelikh, Managing Director, Honoured Inductry Worker of the Republic of Belarus

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Dr. S.Pelikh, Managing Director
Dear sirs,
Our plant is one of the largest industrial enterprises in the word to manufacture first-class optical processing and vacuum equipment combing the most up-to-date achievements of science and technology.Optical machines, developed by our plant designers, make it possible to process the entire range of lenses, existing in the world, withing the highest degree of accurancy, to carry out multilateral processing of optical materials and to cut glass,ceramics and natural stounes obtaining exceptionally accurate surfase of the details processed...

Right direction TODAY - new opportunities TOMORROW
Our Erection and Servicing Department experts will always assist you in choosing the equipment you need to suit your specific requirements and in choosing and introducing the technologies reguired. The will Help you to conclude agreements and contracts on equipment supply, on development and introduction of the most modern higt production technologies for your specific type of manifacture and on carring out starting and adjustment works and servicing...

The installation is designed for coating optical parts by resistive and electron-beam evaporation of dielectrics, semiconductor materials and metals, with simultaneous coating thickness monitoring. The installation provides for applying multilayer achromatic coatings over quantity-production parts, as well as metall, single-layer antireflection, interferential reflecctive, filtering and other coatings for various spectral regions.

Model HBP-25D Rotary-Plate Roughhing Pump
Model H1P90 F Plate-Rotor VACUUM PLANT



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