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Information System on Belarusian Legislation
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The analyse of market economy of the Republic of Belarus and foreign investors' participation in this process show that inspite of the profitable geographic disposition of our country and attractiveness of its infrastructure for foreign investors, investments are reducing year by year. The disunderstanding of Belarus acting legislation or its misinterpretation due to absence of legislation acts which are translated into English, playing the main role in this process.
We have already made several steps to solve this problem. Collaboration with the Foreign Economy Links Ministry resulted that our company began to think about ways to provide the law information of the Republic of Belarus to foreign partners. English database containing legislation acts concerning foreign economy activity, was made in this co-operation. This product was in the center of attention as of ambassadors and representations, as of foreign employers.
This database was selected from the large information database of JurInform which is distributed by our company - SoftInform Engeneering Information Company. We are proud to name the main JurInform features:
- .more than 8500 belarussian legislative acts (as of July, 1996);
-.information classified by topics and glossary;
-.possibility of searching a legislative act not only by its registration data (number, date of approuvement, state registration number, state registration date, type of the act), but separately by its publication data or by approuving authority's name;
-.possibility of searching by word in the text or in the headline of a legislative act; of old editions of an act;
-.quick passage to other legislative acts through corresponding links;
-.possibility to work with a list of legislative acts and creation of topically organized catalogues on this basis with further saving and use;
-.vocabulary of juridical terms which gives you an opportunity to know meaning of a word without interrupting your work with legislative act;
-.printing ( creation of a text file) of acts, lists and other information;
-.convenient interface for better user's work;
-.10 demos showing system's capabilities and teaching to work with the system;
-.compact data keeping (data compression in more than 2.5 times).

JurInform is not only database on legislation of the Republic of Belarus. First of all, this is an universal technology, performed by SoftInform team. That technology allows to create efficient information systems for search and distribution of all types of data.
Particulary we would like to underline the technology of actualization (refreshment) which permits to refresh information in installed databases of users. This operation does not require any special education and is accessible for each user of any qualification.
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