Outlooks and Problems of SoftInform Development

The unique software on information databases of byelorussian and russian legislations created by "SoftInform" have taken large means. However, the firm has got progressive know-how itself not only in economic process of the Republic of Belarus, but had such users as goverment departments as Presidential Administration, National Bank and so on.

However, inspite of such presentative users, we don't have enough financial support to more comprehensive development of our product and finish started work to translate national legislation database in English, French, German and other languages. It would allow the legislation more accessable in each side of the world.

Necessary investments

The "SoftInform" firm has enough rich expereance in storing of information about byelorussian market and respective software for developing electronic references of this information. Marketing research on law services performed by SoftInform, revealed the requirement of economic subjects in information about solventness and reliability of future partners. Many firms have become the victims due to various kinds of swindles without additional checking steps. Besides, the firm has a set of interesting technic projects which help to organize the storing and information exchange on up-to-date level. The volume of work which we need to do for issuing these projects, says about unpossibility to realize them ourself without additional investments. Their rates by rough calculation are equal:

Besides, the programming department of SoftInform firm is constantly developing its technology and trying to create the set of system and application solutions, helping to store and process data more effectively. Particularly, native LeoBase DBMS also changed together with application program developing. These changes allow to optimize the characteristics of application projects based on it. For successful deevelopment of these technologies the rates by rough calculation are equal:

In distant future SoftInform firm is planning to start several interesting projects else, but physical possibilities and limited financial resources don't give us to start its realization.


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