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The Biography

I was born in 1969 in Bobruisk. In 1986 I finished the school and entered Byelorussian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics. In 1987-88, when I was a second-year student, I started to do a scientific work. I won the programming olympiad among byelorussian students. Then I was called up to the Armed Forces of Republic of Belarus, where I started to serve in the platoon of signal service. I finished to serve as the programmer at the Tambov exercise center of military radioelectronics. During my service as a programmer I maked several apllication projects on PDP-11 running under RSX system. Then I continued my studing at the University. All that time I wanted to find some works as a programmer because the grand was rather little.
Within the range from September, 1989 to September, 1991 I leaded the little team of students which developed some ordered program packages for our organizations (for example, counting of salary, store accounting and so on). In that time the most popular machine those tasks can running successfully, was IBM PC AT 80286, and the most popular DBMS, the most advertised in the former USSR, was the Clipper v.5.0. Features of this DBMS was limited and once it was denied. The kernels of such the DBMSs as Paradox and DataFlex had similar features. And the realizes for IBM PC of Oracle, Informix, Sybase turned out to be too cumbersome for these tasks. I had to do a choice: to use the standard solutions and to get apllication program with limited features or write my own up-to-date program, satisfied the current and many of future demands.
I decided to choose the second way. I found the team based on those people for realize my ideas on DBMS. I successed to find the computers in my University. Based on those computers, with my team I started to develop the LeoBase DBMS -- it was the name of new product. We were enthusiasts and we worked without fee. And in a year the first results were got. But my team became too little because of absence of funds.
In autumn, 1992 new people were involved in old team, and this new team in future became the kernel of "SoftInform" firm. Besides of DBMS developing, this team began to develop some commercial projects to earn money. The first commercial experience was try of creating the information service center for people. I was a director of this center, when I was fifth year student. This deed started to develop very succesful. However, the team generated new ideas.
In spring 1993 I got an invitation to form and lead the database department from large Minsk engeneering firm. In this firm the team could produce many very interesting projects in area of card surveying, document motion and legislation information software based on developing LeoBase DBMS. In May, 1994 we made our own tests between Oracle and LeoBase by features presented in both systems. The result was exciting. The LeoBase speed of processing compose query which included many key terms from different tables turned out to be in several hundreds times more than Oracle speed. Other factors (as record adding speed, data size on disk and so on) also were higher.
In March, 1995 my department became independent, and I was vice-director of this firm. The organization of this business requires at least minimum financial means, and the team worked as department in one financial company, where I was the technical director. In February, 1996 the decision to buy the deed was adopted between two sides. Then, I founded the SoftInform engeneering firm and became a director of it. The members of the team founded in 1992 became chiefs of departments of this firm.
Hobby and Interests
At school I used to play chess. I was a member of the university chess team. During my studing I realized programming and algorithms developing are my favorite job. I used to play tennis and preference. I like these games till now. I work very hard -- about 60 hours a week. My team works likes me.
I'm an optimist and I don't panic if any problems are occured. The first experience of my career was -- you haven't to lie people and you haven't to promise more than you can to give. I try to promise for my employees the work conditions and salary worst than I can give them. I can solve some problems in Minsk in friends way, not by officials.
I believe my efforts will be justified and the world will see the LeoBase DBMS and acknowledge our technologies to broad spreading and using. I believe the Internet presentation of SoftInform firm will help us to find the funds and good partners to further developing of our deed. I hope the people and companies interested in us will be appeared abroad our republic. If you are interested in something you noticed, I'm ready to give the full information and to meet with you personally if the more detail analysis required.

Sincerely yours _______________________________/Leo L. Matveev/

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