February 13, 1995 N 56 Minsk
On the basis of state regulation of the foreign economic activity in the Republic of Belarus In order to increase the effectiveness of the foreign economic activities BE IT RESOLVED: 1. The Ministry of Foreign Economic Affairs (MFEA)will carry out a unified foreign economic policy of the Republic of Belarus and coordinate foreign economic activities of its state organs, juridical and physical persons. 2. MFEAs main tasks will be: to work out a foreign economic activities conception and state programs in this field,control of their implementation; to fulfill a set of measures aimed at development and improvement of the goods and capital export and import structure, making efficient use of foreign financing; participating in preparation of foreign economic forecasts and programs made by other state organs; protecting foreign economic rights and interest of the Republic of Belarus ,its juridical and physical persons; analyzing prices position for main export and import goods,controlling foreign economic activities in order to protect state interests; coordinating of foreign trade ,ensuring favourable conditions for the sale of Belorussian goods and services on the foreign markets; developing state foreign economic activities infrastructure,including opening of trade delegates and increasing the number of advisors on trade and economic issues in the Embassies of the Republic of Belarus(abroad); to organize on the base of tender governmental purchase (from abroad)of goods of strategic importance for ensuring vital activities of the Republic of Belarus,as well as regulating purchases and import of socially significant goods on the basis of flexible market principles; representing the Republic of Belarus within its competence in international ,economic,financial and tourist organizations, cooperation with such organizations; MFEA performs other tasks in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus. 3. MFEA has the right of issuing legal acts on questions within its competence .These acts are to be obeyed and fulfilled by Ministries,other central administrative organs ,local executive and administrative organs ,as well as juridical and physical persons of the Republic of Belarus. Ministries and other central administrative organs should submit,connected with foreign economic activities,normative acts they issue to MFEAs approval. 4. Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus within a month should perform the following : approve the statement on dependent on MFEA trade delegates of the Republic of Belarus abroad; create a marketing and world market prices juncture centre; found specialized structures,that will expertise import projects involving republican budget ; approve the statement on MFEA ,excluding dubbing its functions by other state organs ,dependent on the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus,as well as its central organs; authorize MFEA to participate representing the government of the Republic of Belarus together with Belorussian and foreign economic subjects in the activities of trade houses, commerce-technical centres and other structures facilitating sale of Belorussian goods and services on foreign markets. 5.This Decree comes into force after it has been signed. President of the Republic of Belarus A.Lukashenko

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