1. Ratify accompanying rates of custom duties on the products, transported in the Republic of Belarus. 2. Declare invalid point 1 of the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus No219 of April 19,1995 "On Custom Tariff of the Republic of Belarus" (Code of Decrees of the President and the Resolutions of Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus, 1995, N 17, p.394) 3. The following decision is to be valid since July 1, 1995 Prime-minister of the Republic of Belarus M.Chigir APPROVED by the resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Republic of Belarus June 29, 1995 N 340 Rates of custom duties on the products, transported in the custom territory of the Republic of Belarus, valid since July 1, 1995 컴컴컴컴컴컴컴쩡컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컫컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴 Code of the Short designation Rates of product of product custom according to duties the products (in percents nomenclature from custom of foreign cost or in economic ECU for the activity product unit) 컴컴컴컴컴컴컴좔컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컨컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴 01 alive animals 5% except: 010111000 thoroughbred pedigreed horses duty-free 010210000 thoroughbred pedigree cattle duty-free 010310000 thoroughbred pedigreed pigs duty-free 010410100 thoroughbred pedigreed sheep duty-free 010420100 thoroughbred pedigreed goats duty-free from 010600990 alive animals for the duty-free investigation purposes 02 meat and food meat subproducts 15% except: 020610100 subproducts for pharmaceutical duty-free production 020621000 frozen cattle tongues 2,8 ECU for 1kg 020622100, subproducts for pharmaceutical duty-free 020629100, production 020630100, 020641100, 020649100, 020680100, 020690100 020731000 fat goose or duck liver, 13,6 ECU fresh or cooled for 1kg 020710110- fresh, cooled or frosen 25% 020710190, chicken 020710900, 020721, 020723900, 020739110- 020739250, 020739550 (except duck) 020739630, 020739650- 020739670 (except duck and goose) 020739730 (except duck) 020739770 (except duck) 020739830 (except duck and goose) 020741100- 020741710, 020743150 (except duck) 020743250, 020743310- 020743410 (except duck and goose) 020743530 (except duck) 020743630 (except duck) 020743810 (except duck and goose) 03 fish and crustacean; 10% molluscs and other water invertebrate except: 030510000 fish flour and food fish duty-free granules 030541000 pacific salmon, atlantic 16,1 ECU salmon, smoked Danube salmon, for 1kg including fillet 030549400 smoked trout, including fillet 20% 030549500 smoked eel, including fillet 20% 04 milk and milk products; 15% birds eggs; natural honey; food-stuff of animal origination, not mentioned elsewhere except: 040210 milk and cream in powder, 10% granules or other solid forms with fat content no more then 1,5% of weight 040221- milk and cream in powder, 10% 040229 granules or other solid forms with fat content more then 1,5% of weight without addition of shugar or other sweetening substances 0403 buttermilk , lapper milk 10% and cream, yoghurt, kefir and other fermented milk or cream, evaporated or not evaporated, with or without addition of sugar or other sweetening, aromatized or not aromatized, with or without addition of fruits, nuts or cocoa 040500 butter and other milk fats 20% 040811 dried yolks 10% 05 food-staff of animal 10% origination, not mentioned elsewhere except: 051000000 grey ambergris, castoreum, duty-free civet and musk; merino sheep, gall, including dried; glands and other products of animal origination, used in the pharmaceutical production, fresh, cooled, frozen or processed otherwise for short storage 051110000 bull sperm duty-free 06 living trees and other plants; bulbs, roots and other similar parts of plants; cut flowers and decorative greenery 0601 bulbs, tubers, root tubers, 5% root rosettes and rhizoms in the state of vegetative immobility, vegetation or flowering; chicory plants and roots, except roots, mentioned in position 1212 0602 other living plants (including duty-free their roots), grafts, branches, mushroom cercidium 0603 cut flowers and buds, suitable 25%, but no for bunch arranging or for less then decorative purposes, fresh, 0,08 ECU for dried, coloured, bleached, 1 unit impregnated or processed otherwise 0604 leaves, branches and other 5% parts of plants without flowers and buds; grass, moss, Iceland moss, suitable for bunch arranging or for decorative purposes, fresh, dried, coloured, bleached, impregnated or processed otherwise 07 vegetables and some edible 15% roots and tubers except: 070110000 planting potatoes duty-free 070190 other fresh or cooled potatoes 25% 08 edible fruits and nuts; rind 10% and peels of citrus plants and gourds except: 0801 coco, brasilian nuts, duty-free fresh or dried, shelled or not shelled, with or without shell 0802 other nuts, fresh or dried, duty-free shelled or not shelled, with or without shell 080300 bananas, including horn 5% plantains, fresh or dried 0804 dates, fig, pineapples, 5% avocado, guava, mango, mangosteen (Garcinia) fresh or dried 0805 citrus fruits, fresh or dried 5% 080810 fresh apples 0,2 ECU for 1 kg 081400000 rind of citrus plants and duty-free peels of gourds (including watermelon peels), fresh, frozen, dried or preserved for short storage in brine, sulphurous water or other conserving solvent 09 coffee, tea, mate (Paraguay duty-free tea) and spisery 090121000, roasted coffee with or without 10% 090122000 caffeine 090210000, aromatized or not aromatized 10%, but not 090230000 tee, in packings with net less then weight no more then 3 kg 0,1 ECU for 1 kg 10 grain 1% except: 100110100 hard wheat seed duty-free 100190100 spelt seed duty-free 100190910 soft wheat seed and wheat- duty-free rye mixture 100300100 barley seed duty-free 100400100 oats seed duty-free 100510 maize seed duty-free 100610100 riceraw seed duty-free 100700100 grain sorghum, hybrids for duty-free planting 11 products of mill industry, 10% malt, starch, inulin, wheat gluten 12 oil seeds and fruits, other 5% seeds, fruits and grain; medicinal herbs and plants for technical purposes, straw and fodder except: 120500100 rape seeds for planting duty-free 120600 sunflower seeds, crushed and 10% not crushed, not used for planting except: 120600100 sunflower seeds for planting duty-free 13 shellac, resins and other 5% plant juices and extracts except: 1302 plant juices and extracts; duty-free pectic substances, pectinate and pectate; agar-agar and other glues and thickeners of plant origination, modified or not modified 14 plant materials for producing 15% wicker-work; other products of plant origination, not mentioned elsewhere except: 140420000 cotton lint duty-free 15 fats and oils of animal and 15% plant origination; products of their splitting; prepared food fats; waxes of animal and plant origination except: 1505 sheep yolk and fat substances, duty-free produced of it (including lanolin) 1508 peanut oil and its fractions, duty-free refined or not refined, but without changing its chemical structure 1509 olive oil and its fractions, duty-free refined or not refined, but without changing its chemical structure 1511 palm oil and its fractions, duty-free refined or not refined, but without changing its chemical structure 151311, coco oil and its fractions, duty-free 151319 refined or not refined, but without changing its chemical structure 151321, palm-kernel oil or babassu duty-free 151329 oil and their fractions, refined or not refined, but without changing its chemical structure 1515 other plant fats and oils duty-free (including jujube oil) and their fractions, refined or not refined, but without changing its chemical structure 1520 raw glycerine, glycerine water 5% and lye 16 products, made of meat, fish 15% and crustacean, molluscs and other water invertebrates except: 160100 sausages and similar products 20%, but not of meat, meat subproducts less then or blood, and based on them 0,4 ECU for food products 1kg 1602 other ready tinned products 15%,but not of meat, meat subproducts less then or blood 0,4 ECU for 1kg except: from 160210000 homogenised ready products duty-free of meat, meat subproducts or blood for children's nutrition in packings of no more then 250 g 160411000 salmon, ready or tinned 10,5 ECU entirely or in pieces but for 1kg not stuffed 160419 other fish, ready or tinned 25% entirely or in pieces, but not stuffed 160420100 ready or tinned salmon 25% products 160430 sturgeon caviar (black 100 ECU caviar) or caviar substitutes, for 1kg made of grains of roe of other fish 160510000 ready or tinned crabs 12 ECU for 1 kg 160520000 ready or tinned shrimps 7,4 ECU for 1kg 160530000 ready or tinned lobsters 14 ECU for 1kg 160540000 other crustacean, ready 6,9 ECU for 1kg or tinned 160590 other water invertebrates, 20% ready or tinned 17 sugar and confectionery made of sugar 1701 cane-sugar or sugar-root and 1% chemically pure solid sucrose except: 170199100 white sugar 25% 1702 other sugar types, including 5% chemically pure solid lactose, maltose, glucose and fructose; sugar syrups without added aromatic or dyeing substances; artificial honey or caramel, not mixed with natural honey 1703 treacle (molasses), obtained 5% in the result of sugar extraction or refining 1704 confectionery made of 20% sugar (including white chocolate), without cocoa content except: 170410 chewing gum, covered or not 25%,but not covered with sugar less then 1,0 ECU for 1kg 170490550 pastels from throatache and 10% drops from cough 170490710 cooked sweets, with or 20% without filling, without cocoa content 170490750 toffy, caramels and similar 20% sweetnesses without cocoa content 170490990 other confectionery made of 20% sugar without cocoa content, not named before 18 cocoa and products made duty-free of it except: 180631000 other food products, 0,6 ECU containing cocoa ( or glazed for 1kg with cocoa), in briquettes, plates and bars with filling 180632 other food products, 0,6 ECU containing cocoa, in for 1kg briquettes, plates and bars without filling 180690 other chocolate and chocolate 0,6 ECU products for 1kg except: 180690900 other confectionery 10% 19 products of grain, flour, 15% starch and milk, flour confectionery except: 190110000 children's nutrition, packaged duty-free for retail sale 20 products of processing of 20% vegetables, fruits, nuts or other parts of plants except: From 200510000 homogenised vegetables for duty-free children's nutrition in packings of no more then 250g 200570000 olives 10% From 200710 ready homogenised products duty-free for children's nutrition in packings of no more then 250g 2009 fruit juices (including must) 10% and vegetable infermented spiritless juices, with or without adding of sugar or other sweetening substances 21 other different food products 15% except: 210110110 extracts, essences and coffee 10%, but not concentrates in solid state less then 0,5 ECU for 1kg 210230000 ready baking powders duty-free From 210420000 homogenised mixtures of food duty-free products for children's nutrition in packings of no more then 250g 2106 food products, not mentioned duty-free elsewhere except: 210690100 processed cheese 15% 22 alcoholic and alcohol-free beverages and vinegar except: 2201 water, including natural or 20% artificial mineral water, soda water without adding of sugar or other sweetening or aromatic substances; ice and snow 220210000 water, including mineral and 25% soda water, with added sugar or other sweetening or aromatic substances 220290 other alcohol-free beverages, 20% except fruit and vegetable juices, classified in product position 2009 220300 malt beer 0,6 ECU for 1l 220410 sparkling wine 1,32 ECU for 1l 220421 other wine in bottles of less 0,5 ECU then 2l for 1l 220429 other wine 0,12 ECU for 1l 220430 other must duty-free 220510 vermouth and other natural 0,5 ECU grape wine with added for 1l vegetable or aromatic extracts in bottles of less then 2l 220590 vermouth and other natural 0,12 ECU grape wine with added for 1l vegetable or aromatic extracts in bottles of more then 2l 220600100 piquet 0,5 ECU for 1l 220600910 sparkling fermented beverages 1,32 ECU for 1l 220600930 stable fermented beverages 0,5 ECU bottles of 2l or less for 1l 220600990 stable fermented beverages in 0,5 ECU bottles of more then 2l for 1l 220710000 not denatured ethanol with 100%, but not contents of spirit not less less then then 80% of volume 2 ECU for 1l 220720000 ethanol and other spirits, 100%, but not denatured alcoholic less then beverages of any concentration 2 ECU for 1l 2208 not denatured ethanol with 2 ECU for 1l spirit contents of less then 80vol%; strong drinks, liqueurs and other alcoholic beverages; composed spirit semi-finished products, used for beverage production except: 220890910, denatured ethanol with spirit 4 ECU for 1l 220890990 contents of less then 80vol% 220900 vinegar and its substitutes, 15% produced from acetic acid 23 the remains and waste of duty-free food industry; ready fodder for animals except: 2330910 fodder for cats and dogs, 25% packed for retail sale 24 tobacco and industrial tobacco substitutes 2401 tobacco raw materials; 5% tobacco waste 2402 cigars (including cigars with 30%, but not cut ends), cigarills (thin less then cigars) and cigarette with 3 ECU for tobacco or its substitutes 1000 units 2403 other industrial manufactured 30% tobacco and industrial tobacco substitutes, "homogenised" or "recovered" tobacco, tobacco extracts and essences except: 240310000 smoking tobacco, containing or 20% not containing tobacco substitutes in any proportion 25 salt, sulphur, soil, stones; 5% plasters, lime and cement 26 ores, slag and ash 5% 27 mineral fuel, oil and products 5% of oil distillation; bituminous substances; mineral wax 28 inorganic chemistry products; 5% organic and inorganic compounds of precious and rare elements and isotopes except: 2815 sodium hydroxide, potassium 10% hydroxide, sodium and potassium peroxide 282612000 aluminium fluoride 15% 282630000 sodium hexafluoroaluminate (synthetic cryolite) 15% 29 organic chemical compounds 5% except: 290539 other diols duty-free 290721000 rezorcin and its salts duty-free 290722 hydroquinone (quinol) and duty-free its salts From 290241000 diethylene glycol duty-free (only chemically pure) 290944000 ethylene glycol ethers duty-free 291221000 benzaldehyde duty-free 291422000 cyclohexanol and duty-free methylcyclohexanol 291523000 cobalt acetate duty-free From 291529000 antimony triacetate duty-free 291560900 valeric acid and its isomers, duty-free its salts and esters 291570 palmitic and stearic duty-free acid, its salts and esters From 291639000 ibuprophene duty-free 291712100 adipic acid and its salts duty-free 291719100 malonic acid, its salts duty-free and esters 291736000 terephtalic acid and its duty-free salts From 291739900 isophtalic acid duty-free 291811000 lactic acid, its salts and duty-free esters 291813000 tartaric acid salts and esters duty-free 291814000 citric acid duty-free 291821000 salicylic acid and its salts duty-free 292112000 diethylamyl and its salts duty-free From 292159000 hexabromide duty-free 292211000 monoethanolamin and its salts duty-free 292242000 glutamic acid and its salts duty-free 292910000 isocyanate duty-free 2933 heteronuclear compounds, duty-free containing only nitric heteroatoms; nucleic acids and its salts except: 293361000 melamine 5% From 293430900 trifluoperazine duty-free 293490400 furazolidone duty-free From 293500000 diabeton (glycoside), glyrenorm, furosemid 2936 natural and synthesized duty-free vitamins and provitamins (including natural concentrates); their derivatives, basically used as vitamins, and mixtures of this compounds, including solved in any solvent 2937 natural and synthesized duty-free hormones; their derivatives, used basically as hormones; other steroids, used basically as hormones From 293810000 rutin duty-free 2939 natural or synthesised duty-free alkaloids, originating from plants, their salts, ethers and esters, other derivatives From 294000900 sucralphat duty-free 2941 antibiotics duty-free except: From 294110000 ampicilin trihydrate 10% oxacillin 10% 6-APK 10% benzylpenicillin 10% phenoxymethylpenicillin 10% ampicillin sodic salt 10% From 294120900 streptomycin 10% From 294130000 oxytetracycline 10% tetracycline hydrochloride 10% From 294140000 chloramphenicol 10% From 294150000 erythromycin 10% From 294190000 kanamycin sulfate 10% lyncomycin 10% 30 pharmaceutical products 10% except: 300331000 insulin containings duty-free 300431 insulin containing preparations duty-free 31 fertilizers 10% 32 dyeing and tannic extracts; tannins 5% and its derivatives; dye-stuffs, pigments and other colouring matters; dye and lacquer; fillers and other mastics; ink (printer's ink) 33 volatile oils and resinoids; perfumery, cosmetic and toilet means 3301 volatile oils free or not free from duty-free terpene, including concrets (concrete flower extracts) and essences; resinoids; concentrates of volatile oils in fats, involatile oils, waxes and similar substances,produced by enfleurage method or maceration method; terpene by-products of deterpenization of volatile oils; water distillates and water solutions of volatile oils 3302 mixtures of fragnant substances and duty-free mixtures based on one or more of such substances (including spirit solvents), used as raw material in industry 330300 perfume and toilet water 25% 3304 cosmetic means or means for make-up 20% and means for care of skin (except medicinal), including sunprotective means and means for sunburn; preparations for manicure and pedicure 3305 means for care of hair 15% 3306 means for mouth cavity and teeth duty-free hygiene, including fixing powders and pastes for teeth prosthetic appliance except: 330610000 teeth cleaning substances (liquid, 10% paste and in powder) 3307 means, used before shaving, during 15% shaving and after shaving, individual deodorants, compounds for bath, depilatories and other perfumery, cosmetic and toilet means, not mentioned elsewhere, deodorants for rooms aromatized or not aromatized, disinfectant or not disinfectant 34 soap, surface-active organic 15% substances, detergents, lubricants, ready and artificial waxes, cleaning and polishing compounds, candles and similar products, paste for modelling, plasticine, dental wax and plaster-based compounds for dental purposes except: 3403 lubricants (including cutting 5% fluid for cutting tools, for bolt and nut thread lubrication, rust removing means and anticorrosive means, lubricant based preparations, for extraction of castings from molds) and means, used for fat processing of textile materials, leather, fur and other materials (except means, containing no more then 70wt.% of oil or its products, delivered from bituminous products) 340700000 paste for modelling (including duty-free plasticine for children's modelling); dental wax or compounds for teeth casts in sets for retail sale, or in tiles, in the form of horseshoe, in bars or similar forms; other plaster based dental means 35 proteins, modified starch, glue, 5% ferments except: 350400000 peptone and its derivatives; other duty-free proteins and its derivatives, not mentioned elsewhere; chrome-tan or not chrome-tan leather powder 3507 ferments; ferment preparations, duty-free not mentioned elsewhere 36 explosive substances; pyrotechnical 30% products; matches; pyrorhorous alloys; some kinds of combustible substances 37 photo- and film products 10% 370110 flat sencibilised raw X-ray duty-free photographic plates and films of any material (except paper, cardboard and textile) 370210000 sencibilised raw X-ray photo films duty-free in rolls from any material (except paper, cardboard and textile) 370232990, raw photo films 5% 370255000, 370256900 3706 exposed and developed cine films, 30% including films with sound track or without it or consisting only of sound track 38 other chemical products 5% except: 3808 incecticides, rhodenticides, duty-free fungicides, herbicides, antisprouting means and plant growth regulators, disinfectant and similar means, packaged for retail sale or presented in the form of ready preparations and products (for example, sulphur developed tapes, fuses, candles, sticky paper from flyes) 3811 antidetonators, antioxidants, resine duty-free formation inhibitors, thickeners, anticorrosion substances, other ready dopes for oil (including petrol) and other liquids, used in the same purposes 3812 ready rubber vulcanization accelerators; duty-free rubber and plastic plasticizer, not mentioned elsewhere; other antioxidants and stabilizers for rubber and plastics 3815 initiators, accelerators and catalyzers of chemical reactions, not mentioned elsewhere 382200000 complex diagnostics or lab reagents duty-free (except indicated in pos. 3002 or 3006) 382390910 products and compounds for pharmacology, duty-free and surgery not indicated otherwise 39 plastic and its products 3901-3914 plastics (primary forms) polymers of 10% ethylene, propylene and other olefins, styrene,vinyl chloride and other halogenated olefins, vinyl acetate and other vinyl esters, polyacetals, polyethers, epoxy resins, alkyd resins,polycarbonics, polyallyl esters,polyamide amyn resins, phenol resins, polyurethanes, silicones, oil resins, coumarone-indene resins polyterpene, polysulfide, polysuljone, cellulose and its chemical derivatives, natural polymers, ion-exchange resins and so on except: From 390319000 freon resisting polystyrene duty-free 390430000 vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate copolymers 5% 390511000 vinyl acetate polymers dispersed in the water 5% 390710000 polyacetals 5% 390740000 polycarbonate 5% 390760000 polyethylene terephthalate 5% 391212000 cellulose acetate plastificated 5% 391290100 cellulose esters 5% 3915 plastic waste, cut, scrap 15% 3916 plastic monofiber with cross section more 15% then 1mm, twigs, rods and profiles with developed and not developed surfaces, but not processed otherwise 3917 pipes, tubes, hoses and fittings 10% (for example,connections, elbows, flanges) from plastics except: 391710 artificial shells (for sausage products) duty-free from hardened proteins or cellulose materials 391732910 artificial shells for sausage products duty-free from other plastics 3918 selfsticking or not selfsticking floor 25% plastic surfaces in rolls or tiles; plastic surfaces for walls or ceilings, mentioned in in the 9-th note to this group 3919 flat selfsticking plastic tiles, sheets, 5% films, foil, tapes, strips and other forms in rolls or not 3920 other plastic tiles, sheets, films, foil and 5% strips, not porous and not reinforsed, flaky, with substratum or connected with other materials in a similar way except: From 392010- polyomphyne films, connected with other polymer 10% 392020 materials 392041110 hard not plastificated vinyl chloride polymers 15% films with thickness of no more then 1mm 3921 other plastic tiles, sheets, film, foil 5% and strips except: 392190190 ester tiles, sheets, film, foil, and strips 10% 392190410 tiles, sheets, film, foil and strips of 10% high pressure amyn resins, layered, with decorated surface on one or both sides 3922-3926 plastic products 25% except: 3923330100 bottles, phials and similar plasrtic goods 10% with capacity of no more then 2l 392350 corks, lids, caps and other plastic products 10% for corking up 40 caouchouc and rubber products 5% except: 4001 natural caoutchouc, balata, guttapercha, duty-free guaula, chickl and similar natural resins in primary form or in plates, sheets or tapes 400241000 latex duty-free 400249000 other chlorine butadiene caoutchouc duty-free 401110000 new pneumatic rubber tyres for cars 25%, but not (including multiseat cars with hinged less then seats and back flap, sport cars) 10 ECU for unit 401120000 new pneumatic rubber tyres for buses and 10% trucks 4012 restored or utilized pneumatic rubber tyres; 30% solid or semipneumatictyres; tyres removable protectors and rubber rims 4013 rubber tubes 15% 4014 rubber hygienic and pharmaceutical goods duty-free (including dummy teats), except hard rubber (with hard rubber fittings or without them) 4015 rubber goods for clothes decoration and 20% accessories (including gloves), except hard rubber, used for various purposes except: 401511 surgery gloves duty-free 4016 other rubber goods (except hard rubber) 15% 401700 hard rabber (for example ebonite) in all 15% forms, including waste and scrap; hard rubber products 41 leather raw (except fur) and leather 5% 42 leather products; saddle products and harness; travelling accessoirs, handbags and similar products; products of intestine (except natural silk catgut) 420100000 saddle products and harness for animals 20% (including reins, knee-caps, muzzles, horse-blankets, saddle-bags, dog-blankets and similar products), made of any material 4202 travelling bags, suitcases... 20% 4203 clothes and clothes accessoirs of natural 20% and artifitial leather except: From 420310000 natural leather clothes 30%,but not less then 14 ECU for 1kg 420400 natural or artificial leather products 5% used in cars, mechanical units or for other technical purposes 420500000 other products of natural and artificial 20% leather 4206 products of intestine (except natural silk duty-free catgut), cyanosis, bladders or tendon

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