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Belarus Business Navigator "Bellinfo"
There is An Intellectual Computer System on CD
For Producers, Wholesale Trade Companies,
Universities, Business Schools,
Consulting and Travel Companies

1). Introduction
2). For whom?
3). Conditions of delivery
A unigue computer System "Belinfo" presents
complete business image of the Republic of Belarus
- one of the most technologically developed CIS countries.
It is not just the information. It is the know-how of organising
and supporting business. It was created on the basis of positive
and negative experience (1993 -1996) of more than 40 western companies
having business in Belarus. Until recently "Belinfo" was mostly used by embassies,
Trade Ministries and big American companies. In 1996 the newest know-how
of distance analysis of Belarus market became available for any
foreing businessman and scientist.




For whom?
This is the magic window to the new country and the new market for each foreing businessman and scientist! Make your business! That is easier than in Germany, France or the USA/ That's true!
A visitor will find detailed information for travel planning: arrived and departure information, all maps, time-tables, ticket's price, best shops, hotels, restaurants, theatres, museums, hunting and fishing places, foto-tours: Minsk, Place to visit, etc.
A scientist and a wise businessman will be definitely interested in previously secret statistics on local and foreing trade, industry, agriculture, ecology, population, health care, science, culture, etc.
This is a unique "hot" material for reseach work. The database reveals statistical information that is essential to business planners in the re-evaluation of long-term strategies and market development policies and the identification of opportunities for both the short- and long term. The data is present by pie charts, bar charts and tables. Any data or picture you can output on your printer. In each new version you will find new type of data and new processing means.
A businessman will find there everything he needs for starting business in the country: about 25 000 potentional business & science partners, tools to find all types of products, Digest, HotinfoPoints, Legislation, Companies Map, MassMedia, Exhebitions, CustomDuty Transportation, Risk Counter, etc. The Companies Map command lets you select and see list of companies according to their type (bank, company, etc/) You can get the information about any company included in the database. You will find only serious companies interested in collaboration with foreing partners. Each of them want something to by or to sell. The Goods Map command lets you quickly and throughly search thorough information in the chosen subject. Having studied the market, you will be able to assess your chances for a success with the help of two intellectual programs: RiskCounter and ChanceCounter. These "clever" programs will analyse the possibilities and recommend how to arrange business in Belarus. The system is very easy to operate.
System requirements: Hardware: IBM AT, PS/2 or compatible with CD ROM drive for professional version; Vga monitor, hard disk.
Operating system: Windows 3.x, Windows 95 or OS/2.
Language: System language is English
Regularity:We are working for - An updated version of data-base will be available every day by INTERNET soon;
The database is up-dated by a special team (including 3 experts-economists).
Statistics is provided officially by the Research Institute of Statistics (Belarus) and our experts
Conditions of delivery

Delivery: Pocket-box, user guide, laser disk. By Mail

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