International Composite Antarctic Expedition
to South Pole

To meet New Year, 2000 on South Pole is the aim, which the travelers from Belarus, Russia and more than 30 countries set themselves.

Composite expedition to Antarctica is put into effect within the framework of International Project "Towards XXI century", Russian fund of expedition-support "Arctic" and Belorussian fund of extreme expedition-support "Pole". Expedition program "Towards XXI century" is the basis of the International project "Road to new millenium". The idea of the expedition is supported by the distinguished travelers of modernity and Governments of the countries-participants.

For the first time in our history more than а milliard of televiewers will be able to watch the journey in the direct ether within the framework of 26-hour telemarathon "Today is 2000".

Participants of the expedition are people of different nationalities, after going through ice desert more than 3000 kilometers, jumping with parachute on South Pole, flying on balloons above it, they set the aim to attract the attention of the public to ecological problems of our planet, to increase the degree of human awareness, concerning the fragility of ecological balance on the Earth, the complexity and interdependance of all existing forms on it.

Antarctica is chosen for such aim not accidentally. Exactly 40 years ago the Governments of 12 countries signed a treaty about the Antarctic, which became a guarantor of protection of the ice continent's unique nature. Thanks to this international agreement Antarctica is still the only demilitarized and nuclear-free continent on the Earth. The scientists of all the world developed the complex of measures, which make it possible to preserve the unique nature of the ice continent, which influences all ecosystem of our planet.

The guidance of future expedition is realized by the experienced polar explorers, such as: the president of the fund "the Arctic" - Vladimir Chukov, the vice-president of the fund "the Arctic" - Yevgenii Bakalov, and the president of Belorussian fund "Pole" - Vladimir Drabo.

"Wit-journalists" have already had called the forthcoming spurt to South Pole "The Last Adventure of the Leaving Century". And they are not distant from the truth. The expedition has not analogues in its idea and actual realization of it. Its unique idea is not only in scale ( about 100 representatives of different nationalities participate in it), but in technical execution. According to the prepared plan, in the beginning of the third decade of December the plane IL-76 with the advanced team and equipment on board will leave through Madrid and Punta-Arenas (Chili) to the Antarctic to the ice airdrome "Patriot Hills". From there, the transport group on 8 unique pneumo- сross-country vehicles, prepared by Belorussian fund "Pole" (chief designer - Victor Radkevich), and manufactured with the assistance of Minsk Bearing Plant, leaves for South Pole. Its task is to organize on the way of distance 2 intermediate camps with food and fuel reserves, and to make a base camp on the most South point of the Earth for reception of the participants of this expedition and ensure their evacuation.

In the last day of leaving century the international group of parachutists will take off from Chili to Antarctica, where they will make parachute jumps. After meeting of New Year, 2000, parachutists will change transport (they will sit to Belorussian pneumo-cross-country vehicles) in order to find themselves in the camp on "Patriot Hills",(after overcoming about 1500km through eternal ice)from which they leave for Latin-American continent. Meanwhile, Belorussian-Russian transport group on the same pneumo-cross-country vehicles will deliver amateurs of balloon-flights to South Pole. After making flights, balloonists will return back.

The participants of the expedition intend to set up State flags of their countries on South Pole and appeal to all mankind. In a solemn atmosphere it is planned to light a fire of peace and give a start to international round-the-world "March of Piece".

In such a way, the last expedition of XX century will end. Expedition press-service will interpret its course in details as the outlined plans will realize. Everybody will have the possibility to observe the course of events on a scale of real time on Internet system - server: http://www.belarus.net/pole/.

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