International Composite Antarctic Expedition
to South Pole

Stages of expedition

17-20 December - Flight of advanced team, transportation of cross-country vehicles and load of expedition according to the itinerary: Moscow - Europe - Punta-Arenas.
20-22 Arrival of the plane to Punta-Arenas. Placing. Deployment of expedition-headquarters. Preparing to the flight to Antarctica.
22 Flight of the plane IL-76 according to the itnerary: Punta-Arenas - Patriot Hills.
22 Arrival of the plane to Patriot Hills.
23 Unloading. Reconnaissance. Deployment of the camp.
23-24 Assembly and running-in of the cross-country vehicles. Making-up of "train". Preparing for going out on itinerary.
25-30 Going over on the cross-country vehicles according to the itinerary: Patriot Hills - South Pole with the task of learning the road and making 2 filling stations.
31 Equipping of the camp on South Pole. Preparing to the reception of parachutists. Servicing of the cross-country vehicles.
31-1 January Parachute jumps on South Pole. Celebrating of New Year, 2000.
1 Making-up of "train" for the dispatch of parachutists according to the itinerary South Pole-Patriot Hills.
1-4 Evacuation of parachute group from South Pole.
4-5 Arrival on Patriot Hills. Rest for drivers not less, than 10 hours. Servicing of the cross-country vehicles, loading and preparing for going out to South Pole with the team of balloonists.
6-9 Transportation of ballonists according to the itinerary: Patriot Hills - South Pole.
10-11 Delivery of balloonists group to South Pole. Carrying-out of Balloon-raising.
11-12 Servicing of the cross-country vehicles. Making-up of "train" and removal of pole camp.
12-14 Evacuation of balloonists and all the equipment from South Pole to Patriot Hills.
15 Preparing to the removal of the camp to Patriot Hills and flight to Punta-Arenas.

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