Age: 12.04.54
1971 - 1975                Military Air Academy in Chelaybinsk, faculty of tactical aviation, navigator by diploma.               
1992 - 1993                International Shool of Managers "Continent Nord" (correspondence course), manager of external                                    economic activity.     
Work experience:  
11.06.96 - 05.09.96    Plant of Electric Production, commercial department, a marketing engineer (market analysis, goods                                    promotion).
09.09.96 - 11.09.98    JSC "Lidapischeconsentraty", commercial department, the head of a marketing group (market analysis,                                    goods promotion).
since 16.11.98            Plant "Izotron", the major expert of marketing department.
Acquirements:           personal computer, Windows 95/98 (in Russian), Word, Excel, Basic, Internet.
Languages:                German (with a dictionary).
Preference:                employment out in Belarus, full-time work day, business trips, salary from $ 500 US per month.
Interests:                   photography, cinematography, travelling, hunt, have driver's licence (category B), a car and certain
                                   car repair experience.
ADDRESS:               Lida, Grodno region, 25-38, Belarus
                                   tel. (01561) 2-61-59
                                                       2-96-28 (in the office)



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