Igor Prokhorov

I look for a job at a scientific power-engineering laboratory as a research worker.
Higher education, graduated from Tomsk Polytechnical Institute in speciality "Nuclear Power Plants".
Experience is 20 years, including 12 years of participation in former Soviet military and space programs.
Can propose my personal scientific developments:
1) super effective heat exchanger of "air to air" or "air to liquid" type (ratio "heat flow/mass is ~ one order more than for standart exchangers);
2) gravitational power plant condersing the Earth's gravitational field energy to electricity and heat (capital cost is ~ 23 times less than for NPP, performance coefficient ~ 6080%).
Igor Prokhorov
P.O.B. 164, 220109 Minsk,
Tel.: 375 (017) 246-75-75, 246-73-75, 246-74-72

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