Now I work as an economic adviser in large Byelorussian consulting company System Business Consulting. Also, Iím a post-graduate student of the Byelorussian State Eco-nomic University (department of Applied Mathematics and Economic Cybernetics).

If you need, I can provide you with any analytical information about economic situa-tion in Belarus: investment climate, foreign exchange market, stock market, privatiza-tion and other.

Profession skills

Since 1994 I specialized, mainly, in business-planing and investment analysis. I pre-pared business-plans for investment projects, witch should be financing with EBRD credit-line, Lyons Capital Inc. private placement program, and also with Byelorussian banks loans.

Usually my clients are private companies. During 1995-97 I work as a consultant with a number of well-known Byelorussian companies such as: ∑ Belingosstrakh stock company (one of the leading insurance company in Belarus), ∑ Byelorusskaya Delovaya Gazeta private corporation (information and publisher company), ∑ Kolesnitsa private company (1st dealer of the Minsk Automobile Plant), ∑ TW Dorstroy GmbH (Byelorussian-German joint-venture, road building company).

Except investment projects I have an experience in management consulting projects, and in privatization projects.

I attentively keep up with privatization process, currency market and stock market in Belarus. In 1995-96 I prepared some publications about bills of exchange using for Finance, Accounting, Auditing magazine and for Byelorussian Market newspaper.

Now I actively interested in financial engineering. The topic of my scientific work is investment portfolio optimization models. Also, I teach students of Economic Univer-sity in financial mathematics.


In 1995 I graduate from the Byelorussian State Economic University and got a degree of economist-mathematician.

The main subjects witch I studied in university was: economics, informatics, operation research, management.

In October-November of 1994 I was a probationer in German Management Academy. There I studied marketing, strategic management and finance.

In November of 1995 I took part in KPMG Deutche Treuhand-Gesellschaft seminar, dedicated to problems of privatization and business appraisal in post-communist countries.

Employed list

In 1993 I worked as a programmer in KLB private corporation.

From Sep. 1993 to Feb. 1995 I was elected to be a manager of student scientific lab witch developed a different software for university.

In Feb.-May of 1995 I was engaged in practical work as a financial analyst in Aspasia brokers company to get material for my degree work.

Since Jul. 1995 I work as an economic adviser in System Business Consulting company.

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