Medicine of the 21st Century.
Up-to-date biotechnologies at the service of health!

Natural ecologically pure and biologically active products of Trophosan group. Tropho is nutrition, san is health. Health through nutrition.

The unigue, universal, health-improving, and rejuvenescent nutrition product. The original scientific idea consists in prophylaxis and health-improvement of a human organist ofvarious diseases by natural native means, i.e. through nutrition. Trophosan is a product made with the up-to-date biotechnological methods preseving all biologically active components in living native forms. This is a complex prophylaxis and health-improvement, correction and harmonizations of the major organs and systems of a human organism. The health- improvement effect of Trophosan results from the compositions of native biologically active proteins and peptides that provide for optimum synergic effects.

The ecologically pure products of Trophosan group contain all the biologically active substances reguired for the normal functioning of human organism systems:

The test made in the leading medical institutions of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia proved that all the trophosans have a complex health-improving action harmonizing functional relations of organs and systems. The various trophosans used in combination with pharmacologic preparations allow to correct a number of states that are hard to cure. Besides that the trophosans are used in prophylaxis for radioprotection and rehabilitation of the people residing in ecologically unfavourable places, for all workers engaged in heavy and unhealthy trades. The trophosans improve working caracity at intensive psychoemotional and physical activity. The products-preparations of Trophosan group have no analogues in the world.

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