(Minsk  Worsted Plant)

The Minsk worsted plant is the largest enterprise producing woolen and wool-mixture fabrics as wellas knitted yarn.
The constraction of the plant began in 1953. As yearly as 1955 the first batch of yarn was produced and one year later - the first metres of unbleached fabrics. In 1959 the USSR's closing factories received the fabrics of the Minsk worsted plant.
From that time on from year to year the workers of the plant have been stepping up the rate of production, continuously working to increase and renew the variety of produced fabrics and to imrove their guality/ the production of the plant has a well-deserved reputation in the country and abroad.
Pure wool fabrics are manufactured from thin merino wool they are hygienic practically do not crease. These fabrics are well-preserved at wet thermal treatment and they perfectly retain warmth.
Wool-mixture fabrics are in great demand. Lavsan synthetic fibre contained in them increases their wear stability and the capacity to preserve the shape given to an articl. Such fabrics do not crease and shrink at washing, they are cheap and and have practical advantages.
The plant is one of the advanced enterprises not only in the Republic of Belarus, but in the former USSR as well. MWC was a regular participant to the former USSR Exhibition of Natural Economic Achivements, and it was awarded the diplomas and decorations at different exhibitions.
Technical re-equipment played a decisive role in the achievements of the enterprise. In many shops of the plant the old equipment was replaced by the new one with higher productivity. The comlex system of quality management at the enterprise helps not only to improve the quality of fabrics but to reduce production expenditures.
Personal interest of each worker in the success of the whole body of workers, reasoned and creative attitude to the dearly loved work - this is the motto of the textile-workers in Minsk.
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