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Honoured Artist of the Republic of Byelorussia
Irina SHUMILINA was destined to be a musician. She could't even imagine another fate for herself. Music entered her life when she was a little girl and and since that time she has become a slave of music or rather its knight for she serves her favourite profession devotedly, selflessly sometimes even sacrificiall.
The years of her studies were connected with Minsk. Here she finished a specialized musical school at the Conservatore and then comleted the course of the Conservatore, where she had been taking lessons of piano playing from Professor G.I. Shershnevsky. When she was still a first-year student she became a laureate of the Republican and Inter-Republican (Tallinn) Competitions of musicians. "Irina Shumilina has declared herself as a bright artistic individuality. She is in no way conspicuous for deep penetration into musical character, for her rich performance technique, will and concentration, - underlined the Chairman of the Juri, Professor L. N. VLASENKO, I. Shumilina's future teacher at the Moscow Conservatoire, where she was taking a post-graduate course after the Byelorussian Conservatoire.
When still a student I Shumilina began to appear on the stage with recitals. Now she is a soloist of the Byelorussian State Philharmonic Society. The geography of her tours is very wide. I. Shumilina plays with symphonic and chamber orchestras. Among the well-known conductors with whom she performs are: F. Mansurov (Moscow), V. Georgiev (St. Petersburg), N. Yarvi (Tallinn), Katsuo Yamada (Japan), V. Dubrovsky (Smolensk), A. Alekseev (Krakov), V. Tits (Omsk), U. Domarkas (Vilnius). The pianist's plaing was head by the audience in many cities of the Former Soviet Union and abroad ( in Germany, Italy, India), her creative acheivements asquire lively response and enthusiastic acknowledgement everywhere.
Irina Shumilina is a diplomant of the Xll Word Youth and Students' Festival in Moscow (1985), a participant of a number of Festivals in CIS and abroad.
I. Shumilina carries out an active educational work, among her listeners are students, pupils, workers, peasants and soldiers. For her great criative activity Irina was conferred a medal.
Her repertoire contains the works by Russian, and World classics, pieces, written by contemporary composers. As it was said in the Byelorussian newspapers: " the pianist has a complete command of the whole arsenal of a virtuoso-pianist techique". She feels drawned to large-scale, monumental works: concertos, sonatas, suites, fantasias, piano cycles. The works by the Byelorussian composers of different generations:
-N. Aladov,
- L. Abeliovich,
- H. Vagner,
- E. Glebov,
- I. Luchenok,
- V. Dorohin,
- V. Budnik and others
take up peculiar place in her repertoire. She is the first performer of many of them.
I. Shumilina's life in art is varied: she finds time to see all first perfomances, to visit exhibitions, she tries not to miss recent publications ( though she prefers classics).
An aptitude for piano improvisations aroused her interest in composing. Ghe is the author of number of song, insrumental pieces and piano transcriptions.
Please E-mail to I. Shumilina: admin@journal.minsk.by

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