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Jury from London visited Belarus (February 19, 1999)
A delegation of British lawyers (12 juries, 8 court members, the same number from defense and prosecution) and more than 20 journalists, informational agencies and broadcasting companies came to Brest.

Victor Gonchar was officially warned (February 17, 1999)
On the 13th of February belorussian KGB in compliance with the law "On state security organs of Belarus" officially warned Victor Gonchar that his actions are inadmissible.

Attorneys are to be more careful with the Constitution (February 12, 1999)

The Constitutional Court of the Republic Belarus, headed by Grigoriy Vasilevitch, ratified a letter on constitutional legality in Belarus.
By Alexandr Balyshev

The republican budget for 1999 is taken (February 10, 1999)
On Monday the final sitting of the Republican Soviet session took place. The senators decided the destiny of a law on budget99. It was unanimously agreed that the budget should work for people wealth and republican economy.
By Vasiliy Romanovsky

New rock-coronation in Minsk   (February 8, 1999)

Recently the next belorussian Rock-coronation took place in Minsk.
By Nadiezhda Bielohvostik

News from the custom (February 1, 1999) On the 25th of January in the carriage of the train "Moscow-Warsaw" Brest custom officers found 13 icons dated 19th century. Somebody hid them under the carriage window. The value of the icons is 571 million rubles.
By Tamara Hamitsevich.

Belorussians at Everest
(February 1, 1999)
Once again the belorussian expedition to Everest (8848 m), the highest peak of the world, was postponed.
By Konstantin Stoliartchuk.

Belarus is against force
(February 1, 1999)
The minister of Foreign Affairs of the republic Belarus issued a statement as a reaction to the next air strike on Iraq on January, 25.
By Boris Zalessky.

A quarter of belorussians lives below the poverty line (January 27, 1999)
Belorussian minister of Trade Ivan Liakh gave a press-conference, dedicated to a question of real of belorussian people. At last the minister explained his position. Trade Union leaders often reproach the Minister of Labor that it defends our rights without any zeal. They say that our wage-push is fictiticios comparing with its dollar equivalent. But Ivan Liakh announces that such a comparison isn't right because our prices are not comparable with the world market. The minister prognoses that if we are able to provide 2 per cent real wage-push there. will be no decline in living standards.
By Tatiana Stchedrenok
Picture by Michail Laritchev

The award Businessman of the year found its winner. (January 20, 1999)

The award Businessman of the year found its winner. There were 9 nominations in production, building, trade, service, family business, etc. The final results came in 3 categories: in private, middle, big and small business. More than 800 entrepreneurs of non-governmental property took part in the competition. 95 of them reached the final, and 27 got the prize.
By Vladimir Pavlovich

Money for mercy (January 20, 1999)The orthodox church of Alexandr Nevsky in Potsdam became a place of a ceremony where a check for 10000 DM was given to the byelorussian embassy in Germany.
By Boris Zalessky

How old is Minsk? (January 18, 1999)
Two years ago citizens of Minsk were celebrating the 930th anniversary of byelorussian capital. Now we have some new information about the age of our city. A friend of Vecherny Minsk Vladimir Romanenko has recently told us that being in Saint-Petersburg he visited a famous Saltikovka library. There he found a book The family tree of Rurikovitchi in 900-1250 written by F.Broemella, published in 1876 in Basil.
By Evgeniy Turaikevich

An event at Minsk automobile plant: the issue of a new model of MAZ (January 13, 1999) Yesterday on Minsk automobile plant the issue of first international autobus MAZ-152 took place. In the main building of MAZ autobus branch gathered the workers and the authorities from the city cuoncil and Minskpassagirautotrans, journalists. They all admired the first-born younger brother of the city bus that's on line for several years.
By Vladimir Pavlovitch.
Photo by Ivan Yudash.

Herring with eggs are arrested on the border (January 13, 1999)
In January, 4 a freight train "Kaliningrad-Ekaterinburg" was carrying from Lithuania 6 tons of herring. But Smorgon border guards on customs "Gudogai-2" unloaded the wagon, because the fish turned to be contraband and ownerless. It was estimated in 1 milliard 700 million of rubles.
By Tamara Hamitsevitch.

Belorussian women, be tender with your men! (January 13, 1999)
If today's death rate will be the same in future, almost one third of men living in Minsk won't live to see their pension.
By Oksana Ospischeva.

Crime news: (January 6, 1999)
Eloquence as an instrument of crime
5 million dollars make running hard
How to become styly?
Igor Snegur

Know-How for the GazProm (January 6, 1999)
There has been made in the Belarus city Rechitsa the first test of the unique one of a kind system which was created by Belarus'and Russia's engineers for the repair and service as well as for the prospective drilling of petroleum and gas wells. The
production of this new device will strengthen the Belarus position in the relations with Russia and other petroleum and gas producing countries and will open for the Republic new possibilities to develop its own extraction industry. Most parts of the system are the true know-how and inventions. Nowhere in Europe and Asia are making the systems with these parameters now, especially those which are good for work in the Far North regions.
Alexander Malinovsky.

Autobuses there and railway carriages back (January 5, 1999)
Four brand new autobuses which were made in MAZ Minsk Automobile Plant have moved a short time ago to the city on the
Neva river. St.Petersburg's people will move back in Minsk four railway carriages for the Minsk's underground railway system.
Victor Shimolin.

We are living near to each other (January 4, 1999)
COUNTRIES and BELARUS / POLAND Society has visited Poland. The Protocol on Co-Operation with POLAND /EAST Society has become the result of this visit.
Boris Zalessky.

Political Battles Before The New Year  (January 4, 1999)The capital Deputy Soviet had almost had a quarrel the day before New Year. The deputies group "Status" proposed Semion Sharetsky to become a member of the republican election commission. At this moment three legendary persons appeared in the hall: ex-speaker Semion Sharetsky, ex-premiere Mikhail Chigir and ex-principal of Central Executive Committee Viktor Gonchar. The political atmosphere became very hot.
Yuri Sviatokum.

Printed in the newspaper issued in Minsk
"Vecherny Minsk" electronic variant editor
Nikolai Ilioushenko
Technical assistance - Svetlana Velichko.
- Alexander Lakhadanov.

Copyright (c) 1996-1999 Vecherny Minsk All right reserved. 

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