Belarusian Social Democratic Youth

"Maladaya Hramada"

A few words about main activities of the organisation from the moment of registration.

In July, 1996 the delegation from BSDY "Maladaya Hramada" participated in Festival, organised by IUSY (International Union of Socialist Youth), and esteblished contacts with this influencial organisation, which is one of the largest youth organisations in the world.

In August, 1996 we organised international summer camp in Belarus, in which participants from 10 European countries took part. On the 10th of November BSDY "MH" together with other democratic youth organisations held a picket in defense of legal parliament in Belarus. With the worthening of situation with human rights, freedom of speech and freedom of gatherings in Belarus, in autumn, 1996 BSDY "MH" became one of the founders of Coordination Commitee of Youth Organisations "Unity in Action", which includes 4 youth organisations.

On the 10th of December 1996, International Day of Human Rights a picket against violations of human rights in Belarus was held. 7 members of BSDY "Maladaya Hramada " were arrested.

On the 20th of March, 1997 was held a manifestation against student rights violations and sending students to work in different parts of Belarus without their consent. 1 member of our organisation was severely beaten, and by the decision of court he got a 15-day term of inprisonment. In the prison he proclaimed a dry hunger strike, and after 5 days he was put into a hospital. Untill now his health condition is not satisfactory.

Now we are working on the creation of structure of student parliaments and school representations in Belarus.

So, we need badly information about such structures all over the world.

And now about our nearest plans.

We have good connections with SSU (Swedish Social Democratic Youth). With the support of this organisation, on the 30th of April, 1997 we will held an anti-fascist concert in Minsk with participation of three popular Belarusian rock-n-roll bands.

In May, 1997 also with support of SSU we will held a training seminar in Minsk for members of "Maladaya Hramada". Also, we plan to publish a broshure about student parliaments, and to held a seminar on this issue with participation of representatives of the main universities and colleges of Belarus.

We look forward to hearing from you, concerning plans for cooperation. Especially and urgently we need information about activities and history of student parliaments all over the world.

Minsk 220026
Partisansky pr. 83-53,
post box 129
tel. (17) 246 46 91
tel./fax (17) 245 78 52

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