The largest potash fertilizer plant in the world, BELARUSKALI combine is greeting the customers and it is undertaking the supply of high quality product in the requisite amount, by means of different transport into the place determinated by the customer.

Our History


Potash fertilizers


Our History

The production amalgamation " Beloruskali named for the 50th annivesary of the USSR formation, is the largest venture in the world for producing potash fertilizers. Its history roots back to the year of 1949 when the Starobin potash ore deposits were disccovered just 130 kilometres south of the city of Minsk. A favourable geagraphical position, a well-developed infrastructure, manpower availability, predetermined a rapid growth of chloride potassium in that region...


The business area of the production is

  • potash fertilizers
  • technical sodium chloride
  • edible salt for animals
    Potash fertilizers added to the soil are the standard coefficients of the agriculture. Agricultural chemistry studies of potassium chloride effectivity show on the high and sustained crops of agricultural production...
  • Application

    Potash mineral fertilizers are used in agriculture. They are used in industry for production of multinutrient fertilizers (NPK) and at the production of the following materials:

    • substitution for leather
    • synthetic rubber
    • yeast and yeast as fodder

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