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Literatury museum of Yanka Kupala, people's writer of the Republic of Belarus (based in Minsk)
DUDUTKI - museum of material culture where past and future are brought together
      of technology where each exhibit is brought to life;
      of the old way of life where collections of exhibits help one perceive the general picture of common life;
      of handicrafts where a piece of wood, clay, or steel are brought to life before your eyes;
      of "the gifts of nature", a museum of labour for augmenting its riches;
      of the way of life where you are plunged in the world of adventures and games;
      Dudutki - is a romantic voyage to the past and return to tomorrow

On-line ART Galleries:
"BRAMA" - Gallery conception, Minsk.
SLAVA ZAKHARINSKY - FEDERICO FELLINI: - " ... this is really something resembling a dream, a pleasant one, but demanding publicity, shameful, when being explaned and sacinating untill it, remains a puzzle"
Vladimir SCHELKUN, an artist "Not man, but his relations with the world, Not events, but associations evoked by them are his motives for creativity" (L.Finkelstein, art critic).
Vadimir SOROKA - architector and artist, founder of MODULOR company
KUZMICH - Painter, Famous Creator of "Byelorussian Madonnas"
Dr. Larissa M. SHAKINKO - architector and colourist
MINSK through G. Lihtarovich's object-glass

Igor GOLUBEV - Belarusian sculptor

Byelorussian Music
Irina SHUMILINA, honoured Artist of the Republic of Byelorussia, a pianist, a soloist of the Byelorussian State Philharmonic Society. Her repertoire contains the works by Russian, and World classics, pieces, written by contemporary composers.
Alex VYDRIN - the Jazz - Piano. PERFOMER He is the Solo Belarus - State - Philarmonic.

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