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Broad Areas of Technology: Materials Science, Chemical Technology and Medicine

Narrow Fields:

Heat Treatment of Metals and Alloys, Chemical Degreasing and Pickling, Medical Treatment of Dermatic, Catarrhal and Otorhinolaryngological Deceases, Gastro-Interstinal and Urinogenital Disturbances and Deceases of Locomotory Systems
Purpose: The process permits obtaining activated aqueous and alcoholic solutions that can be used in a variety of technological and medical applications

Brief Description and Specific Features

The activation process involves electromagnetic treatment of aqueous and alcoholic solutions using natural minerals occurring in Belarus and certain phyto extracts. Varying the electrical parameters of a specially developed device for activation, we can change the pH of solutions within the range 2 - 13 (the design of the device, regimes of activation and the composition of solutions constitute the "know-how"). The activated solutions retain their features for 3 months and longer. Possessing well-defined acidic or alkaline properties, the solutions exert antibacterial action on a living organism and can be used in medicine for both prophylaxis and treatment of many deceases.

Applications in technology (recommended pH values are 2 - 4 and 10 - 13):

· activation of quenching media changes the cooling rate of the articles

· activation of washing solutions improves the removal rate of grease and dirt from the surfaces of articles.

Medical applications:


bullet2 activated solutions for quenching permit increasing the hardness of quenched steels, reducing the fraction of defective articles and lowering the production expenses

bullet2 activated solutions for washing and degreasing give an opportunity to intensify the degreasing of articles and shorten the duration of operations, and to reduce the expenses

bullet2 activated solutions for medical treatment provide a harmless means to quicken the healing time of certain deceases and disturbances

The activation process is easy to implement, ecologically safe, does not require high-cost hardware and can easily be automatized, it uses only inexpensive natural ingredients and herbs. The power consumption of the process is low: the preparation of 100 litres of a solution requires not more that 15 kWt h of electric power.

Results of Testing of Activated Solutions in Industry and Clinical Practice

- the healing time of purulent wounds formed after an operation for irreducible hernia was reduced from 3 months to 1 week

- an abscess formed after a finger cut was cured in 3 days instead of 2 weeks

- headache, heartburn and toothache can be removed in 30 - 40 minutes

- a decease of hand joints (articulationes manus) incurable by other means was healed in one week

A Swiss pharmaceutical company has expressed interest in this technology and ordered 200 litres of an activated solution.

Possible Ways of Cooperation

(1) The process is available "as is". The activated solutions can be produced by the author and shipped to the customer. Besides, a joint venture for the production and application of solutions can be arranged in the customer's country.

(2) Additional investments are required for carrying out joint researches with a foreign partner for the development new acidless preserving agents and inhibitors for food products, stimulants for the plant growth, novel curative and cosmetic solutions and ointments based only on natural ingredients and having no harmful side effects. Possible examples:

- new solutions for quench hardening of steels and alloys

- new solutions for washing and degreasing of various articles

- skin care, hair care and tooth care, face and body shampoos

- curative cosmetics

- means for improving immunity

- medicines for nasal cold

- medicines for curing impotence

- medicines for purulent wounds

For more information please contact the author:

Dr Alexander Shmatov
Belarussia State Polytechnic Academy
65 F.Skorina Ave., built. 7
Minsk 220027
Phone: (375) 17 2581066 (home), 2399260 (office)
Fax: (275) 17 2329137

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