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Broad Area of Technology: Materials Science and Engineering, Coatings
Narrow Field: Chemical Deposition of Coatings
Purpose: The process permits obtaining wear-resistant coatings on tools in order to increase their life, performance and service characteristics

Brief Description and Specific Features

The process involves the boiling of tools in an specially prepared aqueous suspension of compounds and other ingredients (the composition of the media and the treatment regime constitute the "know-how"). The ingredients are cheap and ecologically safe, and the suspension allows for multiple usage. For tools experiencing impact loads and/or local heating of the cutting edge during the service, subsequent heat treatment (tempering) is required. The treatment results in the formation of a soft film coating on the surface of the items, its thickness is about 10 mm. The coating acts as a solid lubricant during the work and is most effective for tools not subjected to heating and impact loading. refractory

Advantages Over Known Coatings and Coating Deposition Methods

Results of Testing in Industry

The use of coatings produced by the developed process gives an opportunity to increase the service life of high-speed and hard-alloy cutting tools and stamps by the factor of 1.5-4.

Examples: the increase of service life of processed tools, times: ·

  • Screw taps, threading dies (HSS, Tool steels)
  • Drills, reamers, broaches (HSS)
  • Gear cutters, milling cutters (HSS)
  • Mills (disposable hard alloy tools)
  • Cutters (disposable hard alloy tools)
  • Top dies, punches (die steels, HSS)
2 - 4 ·
1.5 - 3 ·
2 - 2.5 ·
2 - 2.5 ·
1.5 - 2.5 ·
1.5 - 2 ·

Drills purchased from the German company "Stock" were processed by the developed technology. Testing revealed an increase in the service life by the factor of 1.8. Industrial testings of this process on "Daewoo Motor Poland" and Slovak companies "Skloplast", "ZVL-LSA Skalica", "Povazska strojarne" have shown an increase in the service life of screw taps, knives, punches and drills by the factor of 2 to 3.

When used for stamps and dies, the coatings permit eliminating adhesion.

The process is easy to implement. It has been tested and is used by more than 10 enterprises in Belarus and Russia.

Possible Ways of Cooperation

  1. The process is available "as is". The powder mixture used for the preparation of the suspension can be produced by the author and shipped to the customer.
  2. To improve the visual appearance of the coatings (color, color uniformity, etc.) and to use cheaper ingredients, additional investments are required for carrying out joint researches with a foreign partner. Besides, the process can be modified to develop novel decorative film coatings.

For more information please contact the author:

Dr Alexander Shmatov
Belarussia State Polytechnic Academy
65 F.Skorina Ave., built. 7
Minsk 220027
Phone: (375) 17 2581066 (home), 2399260 (office)
Fax: (275) 17 2329137

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