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Orthodox Christian Church

Byelorussian Orthodox Church
(of Russian Orthodox Church)
Historical information about Byelorussian Orthodox Church (a short course of history):
(brief account)
- After World War I
- Within the territory of the Republic of Poland
- Before and during World War I1
- After the celebration of 1.000th anniversary of the Baptism of the Rus in 1989.

Translator - Alexander Devkin, Philology Doctor
HOMEPAGEof FILARET Metropolitan of Minsk and Sluzk Patriarchal Exarch to all Byelorussian
Barbarians Desecrate Ancient Orthodox Byelorussian Church (in Byelorussian and English)
"VESTNIK of Byelorussian Exarchate (of Moscow Patriachate)" - Still in Russian only "I "
"INFORMATIONBULLETIN of Byelorussian Exarchate (of Moscow Patriachate)" - Still in Russian only " Π"
{in Russian: Document Incoding Cyrillic (Windows)}
Some words about temples in Republic's capital - Minsk
BEFOR the 1920's, Minsk had more than 30 temples belonging to different religious communications, including six monasteries, eight Orthodox churches, three catholic cathedrals , one Lutheran Church, one seminary, a mosque and a synagogue.
The population of Minsk was multi-denominational, and everyone could find a church of his owm. Many of those temples, however, were destroyed by fires and wars that raged in this land for several centuries, and especially after the October revolution of 1917.
Many churches were destroyed during World War ll. After the war came the time of identical tasteless residential areas, industrial sites, hotels and cinemas.
Religion seemed to be standing in the way of the beautiful bright future. Many churches were destroyed or converted into public buildings.
The Choral Synagogue became home to the Russian Drama Theatre, and the seminary became the Suvorov Military College. St. Simon and Helen
Cathedral became the Cinema Club. In place of Minsk's only mosque stands Hotel Yubileinaya.
The spiritual revival that followed the long period of atheism was marked by the construction of new churches.
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