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of citizens of the Republic of Belarus,
parents of children, suffering from tne cancer of thyroid, to the public of the world.
We address to all the people of good will, to those, who are not indifferent to the fate of the Belorussian nation, to those who value joy and smiles of the Belorussian children.
On the 26th of April we commemorated the 10th anniversary of the most terrible date in the history of our country. 10 years ago the Chernobyl disaster burnt down with nuclear flame Belorussian towns and villages.
The consequences of the accident have grown into a real tragedy of the Belorussian people.
Today, when 10 years have passed and many people forget the remote events of that terrifying day, one of the most visible and real consequences of the Chernobyl tragedy comes to the Belorussian homes more and more often. It is childrenís thyroid cancer. This terrible disease brings awful ache, sufferings and mental disorder to the children and their parents.
The necessity to struggle for the life of our children has gathered us in the Belorussian association of parents "Autograph of Chernobyl". This name is not accidental. Chernobyl left scars in the hearts and on the necks of our children as its autograph for ever.
By the 1st of January 1996, 424 children out of 1012, those having been operated in the Thyroid Gland Centre, had thyroid cancer, all the rest - adenoma and other pathology.
Every day the quantity of sick children increases. Unfortunately, the major part of children arrive in hospital with metastasis in lymphatics and in the lungs. After different surgical interventions the children must have the radiotherapy every 3 or 4 months. As a result, each child receives a dose of irradiation dozens times higher than during the initial irradiation. That means a new little "Chernobyl"every 3 or 4 months. In the situation of a very serious economic crisis in our country parents have not possibilities to provide their children with the things most necessary for living. Without help of the world community we can not get out of the troubles which our country and its children face.
Parents of the children affected by the Chernobyl catastrophe are anxious about most important questions:
1. For what purpose have so many Chernobyl funds and organizations been started, if the children who in the result of the accident became invalids, are left to the mercy of fate, without any help or support?
2.Why donít the countries possesing nuclear energy, render concrete assistance to Belarus - a hostage of nuclear power?
The damage to Belarus from Chernobyl can be counted by dozens of annual budgets, but the damage to our childrenís health can not be counted in figures.
And today when the fate of the Belorussian nation is under the threat, will the world leaders still keep silence, taking no notice of the sufferings of the Belorrussian mothers and of their children crippled by Chernobyl catastrophe?
We want mothers all around the world feel the tragedy of our innocent children.
Please, look at your children and grandchildren, look at children around you and, please, remember the Belorussian ones, victims of Chernobyl, who suffer on the operating table, in the radiologic clinic or at home. The children badly need medicines, good nutrition, juices, vitamins and other necessary goods, as well asa long-term rehabilitation.
Their staying in different countries is not simply rehabilitation. Children help to built bridges of peace with the countries where they stay.
Sometimes they do what even politicians fail to fulfill. They establish the ties of friendship and understanding between the families from different countries. And what can be more important today?
Children, as the doves of peace, carry kindness, love, light of their hearts all along the Earth.
We express our deep gratitude to the people, who have already taken part and to those still partisipating in the liquidation of the Chernobyl consequences. We also address with great hope to the people who in the future will not stay indifferent to our tragedy.
We are living on the same planet and we must do everything to let our children smile and enjoy their lives. We must protect our planet from enormous sufferings and pain.
Help to save our children!
1. FROM: Byelorussian Orthodox Church (of Russian Orthodox Church)
Filaret, Metropolitan of Minsk and Sluzk
Exarch of Patriarch for all Byelorussia:
Appeal and WORD on Holyday of Byelorussian written language and print ( in Russian)
Appeal of Synod of Byelorussian Exarchate to orthodox people and communities
2. The Belorussian association of parents "Autograph of Chernobyl".

(c) 1996 V&S < Minsk Belarus >

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