.Goverment (President's Administration; Supreme Soviet ; Constitutional Court;
Constitution of the Republic of Belarus
 Investment Propositions .from Byelorussian Businessmen and Enterprises
 Sale Department of WWW Belarus (Now We can offer some products and services from Byelorussia)
 Business & Economics .(Information and Promotion; Exhibition: "Business life of our Republic" andspecial legislation collection for businessmen (in English) (about one hundred documents on Byelorussian Law -- in English).

 Site for Employers .Byelorussian Specialists offer their Services and search for Employment abroad
 News from Creator .of this Pages (BUSINESS BELARUS TODAY)
 Newspapers in Belarus .weekly Press Releases from certain Newspapers
.People on our server Whole List of Persons Presented in Our Edition
.Our Server Fan Club .Fan Club Members Get a 50% Discount ( English and Russian Versions)
.General Information About Belarus .the First Step and whole INTERNET Resourses
.Church all existing Confessions in Belarus; THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST (in Minsk)
{BIBLE and KORAN in Russian (Document Encoding Cyrillic [Windows])}
Barbarians Desecrate Ancient Orthodox Byelorussian Church (in Byelorussian and in English)
.Culture and Art Gallery ByelorussianMuseums & Theatres; Travel;   Colouristic; Byelorussian Architecture; Painters and other Arts
.Search Russia and Former Eastern Block .whole INTERNET Resourses on the Region
.Place for Sponsors WE are looking for Sponsors
.Our Team Self-demonstration
.Index .complete Catalogue of our Server
.Our Assistance .for Newusers of INTERNET
.Discovery for SALE .former Soviet Scientists looking for Royalty
.Advertising presentation .for Slavic Businessmen {in Russian: Document Incoding Cyrillic (Windows)}
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