GALLERY "BRAMA" - an author's non-commercial
BRAMA creates thematic expositions to theatre perfomances, concert programmes, presentations, conferences, festival's.
BRAMA sees itself as a Belarusian home "BRAME", a basis, into which theads of different national schools are interwoven like in a Gobelin and it unites, frames this entire picture of modern art.
BRAMA may be set up at each border taken separately
- between kinds of art,
- between countries and continents,
- between styles and times in art, to OPEN it...
BRAMA is open for:
Larisa Finkelstein, artcritic, the author and art director of the "BRAMA" - Gallery
At the begining Larisa Finkelstein present some arts.
They demonstrate the main idea and general conceptoin of "BRAMA"
Gennadii Gurvich(painting) . . . . ..Vladimir Schelkun(painting)

Rishard May (painting)


NEWS from "BRAMA":
1. November 11 in the House of Nature located in the Troitskoie Predmestie (Minsk) Brama opened the exhibition
2. November 12 in the House of Literati in Minsk Brama opened the exhibition " POSTSHOCK ART" VALERYI GRIGOROVICH

The illustative materinl supplied is nothing but a fragmnet, compiled at random from different expositions, and does not cover the whole diversity of the kinds, ganres, styles, and themes reperesented at the Gallery.
Thus, it includes practically nothing of the collection’s Decoration Section proper, i.e. philisophical ceramic and colour moulding, glass and textile sculpture, china compositions, etc.
This, as well as a lot of other things, is caused by inabalability of the storage facilities. The Gallery organises conceptual authors’ exhibitions of various composition: monographic, by groups, national, international.
Tha Gallery can organise and stage an exhibition from a foreign country in one of the most prestigeous halls in Minsk. It can also undertake advertising ( bills, tickets, advertising on radio and TV, in mass and pofessional press).
Best regards, ...
Phone: + 375 (017) 2 33 48 52
39 - 11, F. Skoryna ave., Minsk, Belarus
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