…Creative style of Vladimir Schelkun is striking example of a new Byelorussian art tendency formed at the end of last decade.
It includes art on a border of easel and decorative painting.
First obtained recognition at 1991 in Moscow on the international exhibition ,,Art-Miph-II’’ easel-decorative tendency collects followers among young artists of Belarus, Russia, Israel, France. Generalization of a Plastic language, clearness of a silhouettic drawing, flowing rhythm of a big colour spots are related to mural painting, and interesting motives are related to dreams and apparitions. Philosophicad and psychological filling, metaphysics of a images are basic directions of striving of Vladimir Schelkun. Not person, but his connective with a world, nature; not events, but state, not occurrences, but their association are main stimulating motives in the Vladimir Schelkun Creation...
- Larisa Finkelstein, and artcritic, the author of conception and art director of the "BRAMA" - Gallery , Minsk.
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