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"BRAMA" - Gallery
The Gallery "BRAMA" (Byelorussian for "GATES") has been open to the movement of the Belarusian Art into the World Art into Belarus since 1991.
BRAMA - is an author's non-commercial conceptual gallery, i.e. each exhibition has a form and content idea in the channe of the general conception of the gallery, which is based on the interaction of the easel and decorative arts.
BRAMA forms a collection as fase of home (and as far as possible of world) plastic art of different kinds and genres of the end of the XX century (and if it is lucky of the begining of the XXl century).

      SLAVA ZAKHARINSKY- painting
      - FEDERICO FELLINI: - " ... this is really something resembling a dream, a pleasant one, but demanding publicity, shameful, when being explaned and sacinating untill it, remains a puzzle"


        KUZMICH - Painter, Famous Creator of "Byelorussian Madonnas"



                                                        MICHAIL INKOV sculptor

MINSK through G. Lihtarovich' object-glass

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