Born in 1950 in the Glusk township, Polesye, Byelorussia, studied in Minsk,

attended international Exhibitions of Byelorussian Art and international

plein-airs abroad. His paintings are kept by art collections in the

USA, Itali, Germany Izrael, Turkey, Greece, Russia, Poland.

The creative canvases of SLAVA ZAKHARINSKY are subjected to changing

styles. Remembrances of of his youth have their own influence on his character,

which he transfers to his work. Each canvas of him is not only the artist's confession,

but also a revelation charged with a deep philosophic and fascinating shades of colours.

SLAVA ZAKHARINSKY carries his own cross of creative pursuits day after day.

The artist's work have been marked by the completenness of composition and subtle treatment of colours. The works reveal his sophisticated innate world, make us instinctively feel his mood. He seeks for hight spiritualy that he puts across by his works.

( N. van Waning-Heemskerk Adviser Netherlands management cooperation Programme)

It seems to me that our political culture

has heavily legged behind the general

humanitarian one. Here is a contemporary

artist, but it's a high class. I think I can

hardly find anybody who will say that

this is secondary or something imitative.

(Andrey Kozyrev, ex-Minister of Foreing Affairs of Russia)


- ... this is realy something resembling a dream, a pleasant one, but demanding publicity,

shameful, when being explaned and sacinating untill it, remains a puzzle

Here ART GALLERY and Texts will be place soon!!!

1. First step: not large Gallery
2.Text from Dr. Maciej GUTOWSKY


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