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To whom it may concern:
Bibliographical informational search engine system 'History book' is intended for search of scientific and sciencial-methodical literature in history subject.
The system consists of programms, provided for recording source material titles into database, keeping vocabluary of key-words and searching for required source by compound query on key-words basis. The system realization is based on relational database principles and will make it possible to work with data volumes, limited only by storage medium capacity of computer.The data, embrased the next themes, will be input to the database
The list of themes will be enlarged, while filling the database.The system intends the further expansion with short sinopses of represented bibliographical sources. Experts of high qualification, gained the world's recognition, will sellect the data.They, known of their active work in different branches of history, represent the main directions in this science.
The system concept intends stating of event as a point or an interval of space and time and unifies the traditional ways of stating time (Gregorian calendar, chronology of different peoples, old and new styles etc.) and place (country, town, river, sea etc).
Parts of the system, connected with history of Belarus and slavonic countries, are especially important and interesting for the further development and improvement of education in Belarus.Unique source materials in these subjects will be input to the database.
Modern storage medium of data is intended to be used for the replication laser compact disc (CD-ROM and CD-writeable) and hard disk storages.What's more, an user can update CD-ROM -shipped version after its installation on his hard disk.
Term of project realization is 1 year.
For the system realization and its further widening is necessary:
1.Three computers Pentium 133 with CD-ROM (two of them will be used for desinging, storing and filling the bibliogr- phical informational search engine system 'History book', the third one -- for historical faculty library)
2.a laser printer
3.CD recording device accessories
5.payments for 7 operator's work (5 of them work 9 full months, 2-- 6 full months)
The system is intended for use by students, teachers of historical faculty, science stuff and others.It will help everybody, who needs rapidly to get precise bibliographical information in history .
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