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Igor Polonetsky, MD. - a doctor-cardiologist. Along with clinical practice I carry out a scientific work at the Belarussian Research Institute of Cardiology. I am interested in new methods of coronary artery disease treatment, early diagnostics and prevention of heart failure.
Centre of Child Surgery 1-st clinical hospital
F.Skorina Avenue, 64
Minsk, Belarus
tel: +375 (017) 232-4143; 232-4022
Research Institute of Oncology and Medical Radiology
Minsk Region, pos. Lesnoi;
  Research Institute of Maternity and Child Welfare
Minsk, Krasnoarmeiskaya St. 34;
  Research Institute of Blood Transfusion
Minsk, Dolginovsky trakt 13;
  Research Institute of Neurology, Neuro-surgery and Physiotherapy
220061 Minsk, Filatova St. 9; Phone: 375-172-46-40-88
  Sanitary and Hygiene Research Institute Founded: 1927
220072 Minsk, Skaryny St. 8; Phone: 375-172-39-43-70
Director: V. Talapin Library: 13,521
  Skin and Venereological Research Institute
Minsk, Prilukskaya St. 46A;
  Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedics
Minsk, Gorkogo St. 2;
  Research Institute of Tuberculosis
Minsk Region, pos. Novinki;
  Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology
220050 Minsk, Nogina St. 3; Phone: 375-172-20-24-12
Director: P. G. Rytik
  Research Institute of Cardiology
220036 Minsk, R. Lyuksemburg St. 110;
Phone: 375-172-56-07-69
  Research Institute for Disability Assessment and
Organization of Work of Disabled
Minsk, Stepyanka

Centre of Child Surgery is a part of hospital , estimated for 1400 beds. It provides places for 240 young patients and is the only institution of this kind in Belarus............
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