On the pages of BBT you will have an opportunity to discover the real conditions of doing business on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. 
You will be supplied with the "hot" information from the "first hand". The well-known economists of the republic will be constantly present on our pages. 
Its economic state will be made public by the independent experts. We will make you acquainted with the conditions of functioning of the banking sector of Belarus, with the services that belorussian banks offer to their clients. 
Independent lawyers will carry the analysis of the current law system and will keep you informed about its latest modifications. 
You will see the statistical reports about the state of the industry, services, banking system. 

You will discover the services offered by the insurance companies of the republic. 
Introduced to you will be: 

1. Prospective for investments Business projects and business plans; 
2. Non-governmental business groups; 
3. The largest enterprises of the republic; 
4. Small and medium business of Belarus. 

Basic indicators of the financial market will be published weekly. 
You will have the information on the privatisation held in Belarus and will be kept informed about the prices of the real estate. International fairs, taking place in Belarus will be announced.  

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