Local Committee (LC) AIESEC Minsk. The Republic Of Belarus.

Just because AIESEC is a very large organisation it urgently needs an effective system of co-ordination of it's activities. Effective in most cases means simple, so you will easily understand how do we coordinate ourselves from the given below chart.
AIESEC International
(Brussels, Belgium)
National Commttees (NCs)
89 countries
Local Committees (LCs)
more than 850
As AIESEC International is on the top, it takes care about the co-ordination of the Global programmes of AIESEC: Exchange, Global Theme and about the development of AIESEC on the level of the National Committees.

NCs co-ordinate and service Local Committees of their countries. Their responsibility is to provide LCs with all the information that is nessesury for their work, guide the national programmes, care about the professional level of the AIESECers (members of AIESEC) of their authority.

We thank very much the National Committee of Rusia for paying no attention on us at all ":)". If they were, we would have never become the second good LC of Russia.
(please mind that The Republic of Belarus is an independent country,
but LC AIESEC Minsk is a part of AIESEC Russia).
[LC AIESEC Minsk board]

Latest update: 17.07.97

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